“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”

We find ourselves on the wrong end of a bad customer interaction. Or at least we feel very strongly that we have been mistreated and done in by a staff member, or company. Before we look at the experience objectively, we have already created a deluge of adjectives to describe the poor level of customer service that we feel we have encountered. We take such pity on ourselves for the way that we have been treated and for the apparent blatant disregard for our feelings, the resources that we have used dealing with the offender and what is perceived to be, to the person on the receiving side of our hissy fit, the unimportance of our rants and skewed observations. Why is this so prevalent? The Philosopher, writer and diplomat Niccolo Machiavelli was very attuned to this aspect of his fellow man and stated something that seems to be intrinsic to our very nature, and that is that humans are a fickle bunch. Continue reading