A Zen master of epic proportions

It takes a lot for a person to become so memorable and intriguing that they leave a lifelong impression on you. Some people achieve this through nefarious means, and their intentions or worse their actions, are so sinister that try as you may you will never forget them. For the admirable individual with great character and noble intentions, it takes a lot more to leave a lifelong impression on the people that you encounter. You would think that doing simple yet meaningful things like offering your seat to a standing passenger in the bus, or donating your time or resources to a worthy cause would do the trick. As admirable as this is, it seldom leaves a permanent impression.

Enter Dr D. A living Zen master loved and adored by thousands who have made his acquaintance over the years. A man who has dedicated his life to the service of his fellow man. The term “servicing his fellow man” sounds tedious and monotonous. However when the person providing the service has a passion for what he does, years of experience and knowledge in his field and an unmatched enthusiasm, you have the makings of an icon. It is often the small things that really go a long way.

Suturing the wounds of inebriated first year university students at ridiculous hours would change even the most patient person’s view of his fellow human being. Not Dr. D. You can summon him to attend to the handy work of copious amounts of alcohol and the well placed right hook of a nightclub bouncer at any time. Not only will he greet you with a smile and a few re-assuring words, but he provides the same courtesies to the genius who decided to pick a fight with the MMA fighter who moonlights as a bouncer on the weekends.

The stories from the knuckle sandwich recipients’ are always the same. We have heard it all before and don’t believe a word of it. Dr D on the other hand listens with purpose and sympathy. His presence alone provides a huge amount of relief to all concerned. This extends to all segments of society.

The geriatrics line up to see him on a regular basis. They know that he is the one person who will listen to what they have to say and not judge, condemn or interrupt them. What is especially uncanny about all of this, is that he gives his all to everyone he comes into contact with. You can be the sixtieth person he sees for the day and he will greet you with the same smile and listen as intently as he did to the first person he saw that day.  

That is why he is a Zen master and one of the nicest people I know. 


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