From mastication to appreciation

There is something especially novel about treating yourself to restaurant quality meals in a quaint setting. This has been and always will be a great outing for friends and families alike. Restaurateurs are finding that their clientele consists of several quasi food critics, pondering over the presentation, taste and seasoning.  With all the recent hype surrounding televisions shows like Masterchef and Come Dine With Me, people have really taken to appreciating good quality ingredients cooked in a special way. You are finding people in their kitchens working on crème brulee with their blow torches, whilst their rather sceptical partners stand by with the Fire Department on speed dial and a fire extinguisher in the doorway. It is definitely a sign of progress when you see the high power executives on the fairway swopping recipes for red velvet cupcakes and debating the correct manner in which to poach a pear in red wine. This brings us to another interesting development. The value of kitchen utensils for the new class of home chef has exploded, with knives from Germany, food processors that cost the same as second hand cars, and not to mention the various cooking vessels with their celebrity chef endorsements.

The commercial value of all of this is quite evident. It has however made cooking and baking more social and fun. Going to visit friends for a meal is not quite the same anymore. Now you get to sample some household signature dishes. Prepared with love and enthusiasm. In the end one of the biggest benefits this has for society is the influence it has over sharing a meal together. People have done away with this rather intrinsic daily routine. Thankfully we are now starting to develop a wholesome appreciation for what we consume, and where it comes from and how it is made.  

I am on my way home now to don my apron. Until my skills are more refined and my food is more palatable, I will do another important, albeit less glamorous duty, the dishes!


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