Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught – Honore de Balzac

I have had some interesting encounters and conversations this week, related to the blatant disregard for certain by-laws. A lot of people have become law experts overnight and have begun a passion infused pseudo movement against the “offenders”. I have heard all sorts of theories from these vigilantes, about what they feel compels the “perpetrators” to purposefully choose to ignore the legal guidelines set forth by the powers that be. There have even been some scathing indictments directed at people who have no bearing on the matters at hand, no jurisdiction, and no influence whatsoever on the guilty parties.

It has been quite an interesting observation. You will notice that I didn’t use the term “discussion”, and this is because, discussion would entail some sort of exchange and subsequent reasoning.  People have a right to be angry. No one should take it upon themselves to do what they want at the detriment of society.

As the number of people increases and their proximity to each other decreases, certain animal behaviour must ensue. As with most of us, there are situations, where you find yourself in the heat of the moment, and sometimes take a slightly more nefarious route, possibly due to your circumstances and time constraints. This is not excusable by any means. However the acts that interest me are more deliberate, and the decisions around them have had ample time to float around in the future law-breakers conscious. You know what I am talking about. Talking on your cell phone whilst driving, sending that all important text while you are stationary at the robot,  THROWING YOUR RUBBISH OUT YOUR WINDOW!

The route of these offences is numerous, and a fascinating subject in its’ own right. However what has got me thinking lately has been how hypocritical we are when we discuss and take action against the offenders.

As my good friend Mark pointed out to me yesterday, the most vocal and militant parties are most of the time, breaking a few laws themselves. What do you think their response is when you bring this to their attention? Well, according to them, not all laws are equal, and thus their non-compliance cannot be compared to that of the criminals who break the other laws. This mindset is common and quite alarming.

I guess that they do not subscribe to Ghandi’s principle of “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

Can we expect any reduction in these contraventions without all the offenders being cognisant of their actions? In my limited and free opinion, no. Do you think that the legal system is a just and fair system, or do you feel that it only serves people with certain resources and social standings?

Lets all endeavour to stop breaking the law, regardless of how frivolous we might think the law is. Once we have become upstanding and law abiding citizens, we can criticise, condemn and complain all we want. Until that day, lets leave the condemnation to those few people who feel it there duty to operate heavy machinery without using their mobile devices, to throw their litter in rubbish bins, to respect copy right laws and in general have respect for their fellow neighbours.