Cycling in the bush

For all you lycra clad, weekend warriors, the single tracks of Marloth Park are calling. It’s time to take that sizeable investment hanging on the garage wall, remove the cobwebs and squeeze into your favourite cycling teams jersey. It is time to put those six months worth of carbo-loading into good use on the bush trails and roads in Marloth Park.

You can’t beat seeing the southern border of the Kruger National Park from your bicycle. For all those roadies out there, I am afraid you will have to leave your road bikes at home and invest in something more robust to handle the dirt roads and single tracks. Cycling along in the bush is a great way to interact with the environment and as long as you are not huffing and puffing like a water buffalo, chances are you will get great sightings of game.

There is roughly 96km of road in Marloth Park with only two of the roads being tarred. Most of the fun is to be had on the river road where there are long sections of single track along the fence which overlooks the Crocodile River. There are a few technical sections which require a small amount of skill to complete, that is if you don’t plan on taking a few soil and rock samples with your face. I say a small amount of skill, as I still tend to get off my bike when I get to one of them due to a previous superman manoeuvre that I pulled off perfectly regardless of my grazes and bruises.

Aside from your bike, there are a few essentials that you will need to consider bringing along when cycling in Marloth Park.

–          Buff

–          Helmet

–          Any electrolyte based dinks

–          Sun block

–          Bug spray

–          Energy snacks

–          Pump

–          Puncture repair kit

Sun block is a must in this part of the world. We have some of the best weather in the country with lots of sunny hot days. Make sure you choose a sun block that will provide ample protection from the hot African sun. Remember to reapply regularly as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Being burnt to a cinder is no way to spend your holiday and that’s not to mention the tan lines that will provide hours of comic relief for friends and family alike.

Another precaution that you will need to take is to ensure you are adequately hydrated and be careful not to over-hydrate. Make sure that you are consuming the right liquids in the right quantities. Over exertion in this climate can very quickly lead to heat stroke.

So, you have convinced yourself that a visit with your trusty steed to the bush is on the cards. Now is the time to prove to all those naysayers that taking out a second mortgage to finance your mountain bike was in fact a sensible thing to do after all.

I look forward to seeing you on the single tracks.


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